2017 BOA annual

get ready for a BIG read

The goal of BOA is to continue the storied heritage of Time Trial, Criterium, and Hill Climb racing in Kelowna - at a reasonable cost per season and per race. 

Have fun, have fun, have fun.  

Your 5 Host Bike Shops  

Cyclepath Bike & Snow

Gary Norkum, Stephan Couture, Simon Lungs Lavoie, Big Bad Dan Cribb 

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

Nicole Barby, Karen Fitzgibbons 

ChainLine Cycle

Darrin Caruso, Stephan Gaucher  

Fresh Air Concept

Jim Bates, Shogun Jesse Van Oene, Quinn Middleton 

Lake Country Cycle

Cameron Swiss Timing Donald  

Supporting Cast 

Special Thanks to  

The City of Kelowna

Ministry of Transportation  

Central Okanagan Regional District

Glenmore Ellison Irrigation District 


If I have missed out, mispelled, or flat out misplaced details below - I apologize. The utmost intent has been to summarize in one shot the entire Season.  

Tarmac Samurais - TT & Crits

Tina Ferguson, Jay Barry 

Permanent Probation Flaggers

Dustin Quigley, Gumper, Melwin Doering, the Fat Kid  

Anti-Gravity Units - TT

Employees that handle , transport , play with fissile material have it EASIER than the following.

This is a high pressure gig.

Trevor Haaheim, Gord Binstead, the Fat Kid    

Supporting Cast Timing TT & Crits & Hill Climbs

Min Rayson, Richard Loney, Karis Shearer, Curtis Dodd, Nicole Barby, Reagan Gibson, Roxanne O'Connor, Heather Martin, Cameron Donald, Darrin Caruso, Quinn Middleton, Dan Cribb, Heather & Ken Stewart, the Fat Kid,   

TT Queue Facilitators ( see " herding cats " )

Jonah Peters, Pieteke Miller, Pops Gaucher, Dan Cribb, Quinn Middleton, Donald Cameron, the Fat Kid Global TT Commissaries Dean & Evi Evangelides, Vangelis Evangelides from Greece Unit Production Manager - TT Sean Guidi TT Course Recce Craig Horon, Richard Loney, Sean Guidi, the Broomham kid   Supporting Cast Paparazzi - TT & Crits & Hill Climbs Karis Shearer, Dr. Darian Cheng, Campbell Chamberlain, Richard Loney Hill Climb Topside Shouties Jack Kosmerly, Laurie Oliphat, Bill & Janet Slaney, Victor Martin Prime Lap Air Bosses - Crits Carli Van Oene, Melissa Jack, & lots of guests Course Landscape Apes - Crits Richard Loney, Baili Guidi, Sean Guidi, the Fat Kid, Darrin Caruso, Craig Horon Best Damn Bell Ringers you ever did see Carli Van Oene, Simon Lavoie B Group Directeur Sportif Glynis Shaw Jedi Counsel Mark Sherman, Matthew Van Nostrand, Victor Martin, Steve Muir, Gerry Morrison, Sean Guidi, Richard Loney, Jordan Cheyne, Trevor & Kerry Haaheim Supporting Cast 2/7 Smash Crew Colby Large, Brandon Archer, Douglas Shaw, the Fat Kid, Carli Van Oene, Melissa Jack, Gord Binstead, Seth Cowie, Victor Martin, JVO the Fat Kid's Inner Circle I want to personally call out a few people that made our 2017 series golden. The listed below persons are THE reason we are enjoying a successful year. I thank you. Nicole Barby, Curtis Dodd, Mark Sherman, Matthew Van Nostrand, Sean Guidi, Tina Ferguson, Jay Barry.         Supporting Cast Active Timing Sponsors   The following individuals/corporations have graciously donated for our active timing system. Splits, lap times, and especially Hill Climbs are going to be the bomb. Mark Sherman $ 500 Mountain Equipment Co-op $ 500 Walt Disney Co. $ 500 Matthew Van Nostrand $ 500  Year End BBQ Logistics Victor Martin, Nicole Barby Year End BBQ SuperHosts Victor & Heather Martin & family     Supporting Cast Iron Locomotives Please acknowledge the many riders who rode both the TTs , Crits, and even Hill Climbs. This is a rare breed of mean listed below.   Eric 79 Rayson Craig Horon Carolyn Shaw Kendra Shaw Karis Shearer Kerry Haaheim Sally Haaheim Jaxon Slaney Jacob Rubuliak Noah Rubuliak Erik Haaheim Amanda Kosmerly Conor Martin Baili Guidi Gary Wade Dustin Quigley Matthew Van Nostrand Ana Large Jesse Van Oene Seth Cowie Chris Rubuliak Doug Shaw Dean Broomham Eric Simpson Ryan Moir Trevor Haaheim Geddan Ruddock Darrin Caruso Stephan Gaucher Bob Chew Peter Tonkin Colton Blaney Brandon Archer Graham Pierce Brian Van One Criteriums 2017  B Group Outright 2017 1st Place Kerry Haaheim - 2 wins - 17 points 2nd Place Erik Haaheim - 2 wins - 13 points 3rd Place Jaxon Slaney - 2 wins - 10 points  Senior Men Eric 79 Rayson Junior Women Jaxon Slaney Women 1st Place Kerry Haaheim 2nd Place Jenni Rubuliak Junior Men 1st Place Erik Haaheim 2nd Place Lincoln Hoel 3rd Place Noah Rubuliak    Men 1st Place Craig Sledneck Horon, Douglas Shaw 2nd Place Nicholas Half, Ryan Moir  3 Primes Jaxon Slaney , Noah Rubuliak  2 Primes Connor Hobbs , Craig Horon , Dug Shaw          Brian Van One Criteriums 2017  A Group Outright 2017 1st Place Jesse Van Oene - 7 wins - 36 points 2nd Place Kellen Viznaugh - 2 wins - 10 points 3rd Place Dean Broomham - 7 points  7 Primes Jesse Van Oene  6 Primes Dean Broomham, Seth Cowie, Trevor Haaheim 5 Primes Matthew Van Nostrand 4 Primes Manny Fehlmann, Kellen Viznaugh     Balance Point Racing   TT Series 2017 2017 Course Record Seth Cowie 20:15 Times below are average times as per 5 best races.    Racers shown with no times did not meet 5 race minimum  Outright 2017 ( average time per 5 best races ) 1st Place  Seth Cowie 20:36  2nd Place Dustin Quigley 21:05 3rd Place Matthew Van Nostrand 21:12 4th Place Jesse Van Oene 21:14 5th Place Graham Hood 21:50 6th Place Gary Wade 21:55  Senior Men 1st Place Eric 79 Rayson 27:10 2nd Place Gerry Morrison     Senior Women 1st Place Judy Lloyd 31:49 2nd Place Karen Sherstabitoff 34:45 Lisa Jaffray Heather Stewart  Junior Women 1st Place Jaxon Slaney 26:53 2nd Place Carolyn Shaw 29:30 3rd Place Kendra Shaw 32:49 Sally Haaheim Ana Large       Women 1st Place Place Karis Shearer 28:40  2nd Place Aleta Delaney 36:18 Malindi Elmore 23:11 ( 3 races )  Kendra Jacobs 31:29 ( 3 races ) Joey-Lyn Musselman Emily Millard Reagan Gibson Helen Parr Alison Rose  Junior Men 1st Place Baili Guidi 22:31 2nd Place Conor Martin 23:55 3rd Place Erik Haaheim 25:00 4th Place Colton Blaney 26:33 Jacob Rubuliak 22:44 ( 3 races )  Wesley Tonkin  Men 1st Place  Seth Cowie 20:36  2nd Place Dustin Quigley 21:05 3rd Place Matthew Van Nostrand 21:12 4th Place Jesse Van Oene 21:14 5th Place Graham Hood 21:50 6th Place Gary Wade 21:55 Eric Simpson 21:55 ( 2 races ) Dean Broomham 22:55 ( 3 races ) Geddan Ruddock 22:56 ( 2 races ) Trevor Haaheim 22:9 Chris Rubuliak 23:26 ( 3 races ) Joe Wessel 23:51 Dirk Van Ulden 24:26 ( 3 races ) Doug Shaw 24:36 ( 2 races ) Craig Horon 25:07 Nicholas Half 25:44 Bob Chew Brandon Archer  Jeff Cameron Roger Sherwood Darrin Caruso  Peter Tonkin Graham Pierce Ryan Moir Michael Johnston Brad B