Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 3

Thursday May 16th

The overcast made for perfect temp rolling. A few quick items and we'll get to the fabulous peoples that make your Series zoom along with fury momentum. 

- Warm Up laps

Believe it or not - when you warm up on Course whilst the B & Wedgers are racing - the Command & Control people have to ident and decipher you as well. Please people - once 1800 clock strikes - stay off the Course unless you're racing. 

- Cones of Doom 

As Racers arc off Ethel onto Weddell - there is a series of cones beyond yellow centre. I know I know - when you're at maximum warp - it's hard to stick this corner. If you blow it - there's a bad chance traffic is coming from West to East ( ie directly in YOUR path ). 

Adhere the cones please. 

- You talk - we listen 

A few racers propped the idea of change of Start Finish. Next week - we'll adapt and change the Start / Finish to the 3/4 mark of Crowley. 

Why ? 

Why not. The right sweeper corner of Weddell onto Crowley can be taken at max speed - leading to a less hectic last corner. Peoples can roll into this corner side by side - and gun it for the Finish Line sprint. 

So . . . next week when you roll onto Course - we will be on the OTHER side of the isosceles . We'll run it and see how we all fare. 

- Volunteers 

I know I know - I'm a broken record at times. Our Series only runs on volunteerism. Pitch in and help please. 

without further ado . . . 

Chief of Race / Air Boss - Melissa Jack 

Sign Up / Finish Line Video / Ident - Yusula Perkins 

Domcor Traffic Control - Brittany & No'Elle

On Course GoPro Mule / Wedding Singer / Corner 2 Broom - Ryan Moir 

130 Marshals - Madge & Rachael

Truck Box Commentary - Eric Norkum

Finish Line Adjudicator - Mr. T

130 Broom / DJ - Brent Prokop


Junior Junior Men 

1st Place - Joshua Perkins

Junior Men ( 1st overall B ) 

1st Place - William Pau


1st Place - Sean Kelly

2nd Place - Tony Perkins 


William Pau x3



1st Place - Eric Rayson 


1st Place - Brandon Archer 

2nd Place - Joe Wessel 

3rd Place - Ryan Moir 

4th Place - Aaron Strada 

5th Place - Seth Martens

6th Place - Kev Forneris 


Joe Wessel x3



1st Place - Braden Kersey ( 4th overall )

2nd Place - Erik Haaheim  ( 7th overall )

3rd Place - Brody Wright 

4th Place - Jack Screen 


1st Place - Matt Brown

2nd Place - Richard Loney 

3rd Place - Clayton Hiltz

4th Place - Braden Kersey 

5th Place - Jesse Van Oene 

6th Place - Chris McQuinn

7th Place - Erik Haaheim 

8th Place - Gary Wade 

9th Place - Bob Chew 

10th Place - Brody Wright

PRIMES (get ready for a long list )

Erik Haaheim 

Braden Kersey

Clayton Hiltz x2

Richard Loney

Chris McQuinn

Bob Chew 


brian van oene criterium no. 2

Thursday May 9th


Some heat - finally some heat. 

Old faces, some new faces, more grommets showing up bigger and faster than last year.

We're to embark on a few items here . . please heed the following and apply some diplomacy understanding. We're adapting to a new medium. Lot's of feedback from many peoples last night . . . so here we go. 

Remember safety is first order of business.

- Yellow Line
Heed this line on every part of the course please. 

Some racers were cutting across the yellow along Crowley to pass others. Don't do this please. Heed the yellow.

If your rolling along and notice you're getting passed a lot - make your position closer to the right side of lane.

- Apex
As you turn right onto Ethel , size yourself up with others and upon crossing our ' no pass zone ' - stay as close the the yellow and smooth arc the 130 degree corner onto Weddell,
Timeless and easy flow , the group should curve from Ethel yellow line to Weddell. If you're unsure . . take a stand at this corner and watch the A Group do it. Van Gritty rider KS, Baili and Matt were railing this corner with vigor.

Don't progress along Ethel close to the shoulder and hard left to swoop right onto Weddell. This makes for choppy moves and bleeding off speed. It also introduces the chance of cutting into a train of riders.

- Review of Dispute
There was a dispute on some Wedge action last night. I heard both sides - no one is totally right - no one is completely wrong. Heed the above two points please. 

Remember - we're a grassroots community racing series. We don't get Belgian play by play, and none of this is simulcasted to Verona or Stuttgart, let alone Halifax.

- Review of traffic flow.
I have emailed a proposal to City of Kelowna for a potential change of traffic flow for Weddell during our races. It is wholly dependent on Domcor Traffic Control applying the TC proper. I will advise if we get this - cause it will be a gamechanger.

- Spectating
Domcor has strongly suggested we keep all peoples spectating on the NORTH side of Weddell . Heed this - as if too many people are cutting back and forth - they will get cranky. There's a huge hunk of real estate on the NORTH side - so use it please. I will ensure this be applied.

Hence stay off the SOUTH side. Seems Moby and gang go that way with weapons in hand. . ha ha

- Invaluable
We as a community are lucky in many many ways. We're benefiting from some amazing personalities and power people. I need to call out Glynis Shaw - she is the ultimate Chief of Race. Hands down I've never seen anyone else run it, prompt it, propel it, govern it, and make it smashingly good. 

Thank you Glynis you are making us all look spectacular.

Yes dear they're still being called - for points. Until we garnish sponsorship proper - all racing will be for points. Podium , Primes, Year End placings. 

This has been our mandate for all 40 events 2019 since the TC pricing came.

Think about it . . Prime Points help Racers gain points in overall placings for Year End. Hence the reason to blow a gasket and clear the field.

- Sweepage
the 130 corner got a good brushing as did the sweeper onto Crowley. This sadly is going to be a weekly demand.

without further ado . .

CHIEF OF RACE - Glynis Shaw

Air Boss, Events Dismantler - Melissa Jack

Canvas & Aluminum trusswork for Start / Finish - Kevin Smith

Crowley Broom - Trevor Haaheim

130 Broom - Brent Prokop

Domcor Team - Derrick and Chris


1st Place - Kendra Shaw 

1st Place - Levi Rubuliak
2nd Place - Joshua Perkins 

1st Place - Tony Perkins ( we must say the Finish Line wheel distance win by Son over Dad was awesome ).

Kendra Shaw x 2


1st Place - Mark Fleming
2nd Place - Dustin Bates
3rd Place - Hardeman Cross Climbson
4th Place - Stephen Gaucher
5th Place - Takumi Minagawa
6th Place - Doug Shaw

Mark Fleming x 3

1st Place - Kevin Smith
2nd Place - Matt Brown
3rd Place - Baili Guidi
4th Place - Chris McQuinn
5th Place - Jesse Vanoene
6th Place - Erik Haaheim
7th Place - Braden Kersey
8th Place - Velo Bob
9th Place - Gary Wade
10th Place - Noah Rubuliak

Jesse Vanoene x 2
Eric Norkum



S.P. interiors time trial no. 3 - 2019

May 7th


A wind that was and wasn't there, dreamy high altitude clouds with jet contrails angrily fast-tracking West, as the Sun hung in the sky longer than yesterday. 

Old faces , solid volys, and smiley happy Traffic Control peoples.  

Jenn Lloyd and I were at North end for transition duties, the regular crew did the deed at Start / Finish. I promise I'll remove my phones Bluetooth off the speaker next time people. There will be Start / Finish disco dancing at next week's Knox Mtn Hill Climb. . . 

and I just realized the Poster has a typo on it that is now after the fact. . . well sh*t. 

Our picture is from August 2014. Super voly Brian Van Oene holding Racer 1 Judy Lloyd , with Jesse Vanoene doing start countdown. Miss you BVO. Here was a cat that helped out all 3 race disciplines without question, with a smile, with vigor. 

without further ado . . . 

Chief of Race , Swiss Timing - Glynis Shaw

Signup, Racer Ident - Judy Lloyd 

Concert Hall set-up & take-down ( roadie ), Racer Ident, Start/Finis support - Melissa Jack 

North End Traffic Control - Britney & Noelle ( you better effing spell my name right ! - laughter )

North End Transition - Jenn Lloyd, Brent Prokop 

Just there for the Cheezies - Aaedyn & Maliya 


Kendra Shaw - 31:14


Erik Haaheim - 23:45

Noah Rubuliak - 24:33


Dalton Flying Fayad - 20:58

Jesse Vanoene - 21:19

Gary Wade - 22:26

Gord McInnes 24:22 

Ryan Moir - 24:51

See YOU at Thursday's BVO Crit No. 2 


1st Brian Van Oene Criterium - 2019

May 2nd


1st ever Brian Van Oene Criterium on new Course 2019

Alrighty . . I just emptied the truck from last night's goodies and now the infamous write up. 

Whilst this weekends Walla Walla race has many a Cat 1 & 2 heathen resting ( watching Man City or Liverpool highlights no less 🙃- or graciously being driven to by their parent-chauffeurs ) - we still had a gooder bestest of races. Yes 2 races every Thursday BVO Crit now. 

Blasting tunes, winds of gust, 3 paparazzi, on-board video, AMAZING volunteers, professional traffic control, and happy smilies from the racers. 

Both races started with 4 neutral laps and BANG ! - some jerk rang the Prime Bell. Ha ha Domcor TC has got some wondrous people working for them - Derrick pyloned off as much of the opposite lane to apex the dreaded Ellis to Weddell corner. And it works. So I button off a few updates and rules. 

- 365 and forever we have an all-race RULE for all BVO Crits. 

Halfway down Ellis coming towards Weddell is a neutral zone. Hold your position, NO PASSING, prepare for the 130 degree corner. We are self-regulated - so I'm going to leave it up to the racers to keep each other in check. Pass here and you get a game miscounduct. You sit in the sin-bin and feel shame. 

This is a safety for all call. Ideally this corner is a single file roll through. As soon as you clear the corner - she's hot and you can pass and overtake. 

We'll remind you at each and every race so there.

This corner will always have a delineator in the gravel at the apex - don't get all dreamy-bedroom eyes with that delineator - it's there to keep your shiny rig shiny and your shaven legs shaven and scab-free. Heed the orange. 

- 3/4s the way down Weddell is a pothole on right side that is a rim-ender. Derrick will be plopping a pylon on it each and every time. Heed the orange. 

- Parking. Where you see us parked on North side of Weddell for Signup, Start, Finish, and disco dancing - do NOT park anywhere before us on that side of Weddell. You kill our sightline with your wood-paneled 68 Stratocruiser. 

- Tunes. Seems I have some friendly advice on tunes. Know that I choose for the beat and go go. So if it's Luke Combs, Fear Factory, the Romantics, and the Pumpkins . . we're an equal opportunity music zone. 

You never know - I may insert some Bobby Darin, Aretha Franklin, or some Thelonious Monk with some Municipal Waste and Keith Urban for next week. 

NOTE that we are a Justin-free-zone and any boy band that makes you barf a little in your mouth. Ha ha Milli Vanilli is okay cause the Mathers kid likes em.


- Paparazzi & Video. Holy Moly we had a gaggle of terrabytes taken last night. Props to Ryan, Mark, Trevor, and Glynis. You all rock Ryan will post his video on OBRC wall later today. Beauty stuff. 

without further ado . . . 

Chief of Race, Paparazzi, Swiss Timing - Glynis Shaw

Air Boss, Primes Shooter, Records - Melissa Jack 

Domcor TC - Derrick , April 

Primes Prizing - Mike Wooley & Aqua Wash 

Course Preview - Aayden Moir 

Sweeps, On-board Video & Edit - Ryan Moir 

Paparazzi - Trevor Nergas, Mark 

Fleming, Glynis Shaw

Doubleshot Racer - Eric Simpson 

Post-race humor - Eric, Darren, Josh, Tim, JVO, Melissa. 

Music Critic - Kendra 


1st Place - Aaron Stroda

2nd Place - Sean Kelly 


Aaron Stroda x2



1st Place - Kendra Shaw 


1st Place - Rayson Eric Min


1st Place - Hardeman Cross Climbson

2nd Place - Tyler Nergas 

3rd Place - Mark Fleming

4th Place - Eric Simpson 

5th Place - Ryan Moir


Ryan Moir 

Eric Simpson 


1st Place - Jesse Vanoene

2nd Place - Gary Wade 

3rd Place - Chris McQuinn 

4th Place - Rob Moore 

5th Place - Marvo Larvo

6th Place - Sheadon Thomson

7th Place Graham Pierce 


Jesse Vanoene x 2

Chris McQuinn 


S.P. Interiors Time Trial Tuesday 

Brian Van Oene Criterium Thursday 


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 2 - 2019


alrighty then - lot's of happenings to script words . . 

Sweeping, Swept, Swoop

Seems most of OVR's bike lanes has been mechanically swept. Of particular joy was the permanent gravel wedge at McKenzie - this island had it's own postal code folks. 

Anderson was cleaner, as was Posthill. Thank you City of Kelowna. 

Unfortunately the perpetual forces of uncovered truck loads has struck again - as the Start Chute needed a sweeping. As well the 1st Corner to McKenzie is gaining crud and making me twitch wink twitch. . . Kudos to Ryan Moir for sweeping Start Chute last night - an almost sad narrative that we need to be doing this week in - week out. 


There's a reason I really really write the Volys name first before results. Without these folks - we don't have events. Read twice this list and ensure you thank these amazing people. They sacrifice their time for our community. 

Traffic Control 

Domcor's team last night was Derrick at the tri, and April and the 180. I was their for transition support and commentary. I'm really really getting smiley with this TC company. We're receiving top shelf services. 

The tri-point at OVR / Spencer / OVR makes the calmest Viking a bundle of nerves as our sightline South starts at Posthill. It's a short short distance to go fasty live with 3 directions of traffic and oncoming racers. 

With that said - if you hear me cheer you on and I call you a totally different name - know that I'm being a concerned Momma Bear. The connection from brain to tongue is secondary. With that said - apologies to Erika Marie and Noah Rubuliak. Good gravy Brent. 

Ice Age

Seriously it's feels like we're cusping into Fall again. The pics show a very snow capped Little White. Dress for success and bring extra layers. Yes we can store stuff during race - so don't be thinking Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model time - think Eskimo outings on the sled. Ha ha 


The new tarmac, the sweepage, and the upcoming warmer temps and lower air humidity is making for an all-bladed-Masaharu-Morimoto Iron Chef recipe of blasty times. We had some big guns out last night. 

Props ALL racers. 


Doug Shaw showed me the pix he took of the racers at Morrison & OVR. Bitchin' . Can't wait for these to be uploaded.


Apologies to landscaper Eric Simpson. Best attitude we can ever expect of a racer before, during, and after a race. Last week I had him in Senior Men - this week Men. Let me know what you'd prefer Mr. S. 

without further ado . . 

Chief of Race , Swiss Timinmg - Glynis Shaw

Swiss Timing, Countdown, Start Finish Org - Melissa Jack 

Signup , Racer Ident Finish - Rayson Eric Min

Anti-Gravity Unit, Bitchin' Good Pix Paparazzi - Doug Shaw

Start Chute Sweep , Start Chute Org - Ryan Moir

1st Stretch Shouties, Racer Ident Finish - Sean Guidi 

Domcor North End Duties - Derrick, April 

Transition North End - Brent Prokop 


Kendra Shaw - 27:51


Erika Marie - 26:59


Erik Haaheim - 23:21

Noah Rubuliak - 24:30 


Rayson Eric Min - 28:43 


Baili Guidi - 20:14

Jesse Vanoene - 21:03

Dalton Fayad - 21:39 

Gary Wade - 22:23

Eric Simpson - 22:37 


OBRC Antenna rd Hill Climb No. 1 - 2019

part of the Brian Van Oene Criteriums


Well it was a gooder. 

Cleanly swept tarmac the whole miserable way. 

Cheery happy volunteers.

Grumbly riders pre-race, track-hack coughs after. 

Exceptional vista views topside. 

The best damned hardest fully-swept road hill climb in West Rutland. Ha ha 

Timing was a bit overwhelming for the late start - but I got it dialed this morning. It was also a bit heaty for racers in the Start Chute. Notes have been made and we'll make 'er more better for the next race May 30th.

The picture enclosed is of Levi R. - who is 9. Pocket that fistful of excuses you may have had - and look again at the picture. Props to this grommet - he's a racer. 

I think the best thing I can recall I did when I was 9 was running amok in traffic with a hunk of rebar - trying to scratch moving vehicles. Yeah not the brightest bulb was I. 

Note we're not officially listed in the World Championships yet - so our times are phenomenal considering. There is a Stravie segment ( something about busted junk ) but note it starts on Selkirk and loops up. If one of you wouldn't mind creating a segment and tag it OBRC Antenna Rd Hill Climb - I will include you in my XMas Pub Crawl invite list. 

Thank you all that showed for a beauty first crack at this HC. 

without further ado . .

Chief of Race, Paparazzi, Swiss Timing, Lead Female eRacer - Glynis Shaw

Swiss Timing, Topside Management - Jenni Rubuliak

Topside Shouties, Lead Male eRacer - Sean Guidi 

Start Chute Management, Countdown, Beverage Management - Melissa Jack 

Start Chute Org - Kerry Haaheim

Anti-Gravity Unit, DJ - Brent Prokop

Site hardware Facilitator - Seth Cowie


Kendra Shaw - 3:05


Alesha Miller - 2:40


Levi Rubuliak - 3:38


Erik Haaheim - 1:55

Noah Rubuliak - 1:57


Richard Loney - 1:42

Deon Nel - 1:49

Manuel Fehlmann - 1:50

Baili Guidi - 1:51

Ryan Moir - 2:15

Chris Rubuliak - 2:19

Craig Mo - 2:36

Mark Fleming - 2:38


S.P. interiors time trial no. 1 - 2019


Non Prohibere 

Latin for " Never Stop "

S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 1 - 2019 

Race 1's write-up title symbolizes a lot in, out. there and back for our Series. 

The TT itself has been running 3.5 decades,

Our oldest competitor is 8.1 decades old,

Our youngest competitor is 1.4 decades old,

Our management team is 4 events hosted for '19 

( besides the 365 admin stuff ) and seemingly never stops. 

This title is also the mantra for Jason P. Lester. With only the use of one arm - has competed in Ironmans, Ultramans ( 2 IMs in 3 days ), and created and competed the unthinkable Epic5 in 2010 ( 5 IM distance events in 5 consecutive days ). This cat has inspired me tremendously - I volunteered the Canada Ultraman in 2010 and wore the EPIC5 kit for my '10 Canada Ironman. Never Stop

Know that we ain't stopping folks - so read on to the list of mightys on a blustery semi-squall kind of night. 

I'd also like to welcome back Ray Morrison to our racing fold - bueno to see you back Ray. 

I also am puffy-of-chest that our 1st night with Domcor Traffic Control went awesome. I planted myself Northside to ensure a smoothy transition. Chief Chris & Britney - along with with volys and racers - FULL PROPS

Whilst the wind was a nasty blast - our racers prevailed. 

To approach the 20 & 21 minute mark in conditions like this is top shelf goods. 

Also note I got the Bike Lanes of 

OVR & Back Rd

OVR & Lindley Rd

OVR & Teather Rd 

all swept up. Posthill & Anderson is next on my hit list. 

The new tarmac is going to allow some PRs to happen this year. 

without further ado . . .

Chief of Race - Judy Lloyd 

Sign-up & Org - Rayson Eric Min

Swiss Timing & Sign-up - Glynis Shaw

North End Turnaround Transition - Jenn Lloyd

Domcor Team - Chris & Britney 

Anti-Gravity Unit & eMenace - Sean Guidi 


Kendra Shaw - 29:33 


Amanda Kosmerly - 26:58 


Erik Haaheim - 23:38


Ray Morrison - 27:55

Rayson Eric Min - 29:19


Baili Guidi - 20:28 - RACE WINNER 

Jesse Vanoene - 21:20

Eric Simpson - 22:45

Gary Wade - 23:06

Jonathan Whiting - 25:00

Ryan Moir - 25:15 

Jack Kosmerly EM - 26:56 


Knox hill climb No. 1

part of the S.P. Interiors Time Trials


Knox Mtn Hill Climb No. 1 - 2019

S.P. Interiors Time Trials 

1st event of OBRC's season did not disappoint. As always, I give a brief comedic intro, name the names of the incredibly awesome volunteers, then results from Women to Men. 

Seems I'm always adding one to many 'N's to Glynis Shaw's name - so here's hoping I'm not all thumbs. 

The only times I get to Knoxo is the Hill Climbs. Last night was a shocker at the number of shuttlin' DHers. Parking was chock-a-block full. You'd think it was a free all-you-can-eat buffet at Uncle Willys. You'd think it was the first hot Summer day at the Water Park and school was out. You'd think someone was serving beer topside. 

I'm trying to see the reason here - most every locale is rolling the cusp of tack. Some parts of Smithy are already getting dry greasy. Just weirdy that Knoxo is like the picture enclosed. 

As a roadie - if you're climbing/descending the tarmac pay close attention to the Shale Trail crossing .4 kliks after 1st Lookout. This is not a good place with all the buffet killers about to drop into the berm city. They ain't thinking about cars and road bikes as they zoom across road. Just saying. 

So our 1st event was such a gooder. New faces, familiar faces, some stories. Every grommet racer seems now taller than their parents - what are you all feeding them ? 

We had music, fermented barley and cider for the volys, iced water for no one. Temps are reminding us still the cloak of Winter does not shed quick. 

Whilst it may seem we had too many volys - think not. We need this drive all Season long - and not from the same peoples. If you race - you volunteer. 

You will note the last two Categories . Craig is rolling a most beauty Ritchey frame. Props. And Seth . . . well we could make Sethy roll up any HC on a Big Wheel surrounded by 6 drunk sailors punching him between swallows of beer - and he'd STILL put out a flash time. Like a Gorilla loose from the Zoo . Oh, and he rolled Shale Trail with the droopy pant lads after. 

We're early Season for form. April & May are all about getting the cobwebs out. If anyone gossips or mocks the times - and didn't race or voly - gets to do a solo volunteer day of scrubbing Antenna Rd with a toothbrush. 

without further ado . . . 

Check In / Registry / Coatcheck - Rayson Eric Min, Judy Lloyd, Jenn Lloyd, Glynis Shaw

Shooter - Dustin Quigley 

Traffic Control - Mark Fleming 

Half Course Shouties - Peter Tonkin 

1st Pitch Sprinters - Eli & Chris Rubuliak

Topside Shouties - Gary Wade , Rider 34 

Topside Secretary - Mr. T Haaheim 

Topside Swiss Timing - Glynis Shaw, Valentina Miller

Topside DH fleet - Marky BC Mark & assorted thugs  


Kendra Shaw - 15:45


Alesha Miller - 12:35

Erika McLaren - 14:10

Amanda Kosmerly - 15:09


Joel Worman - 10:36

Eric Worman - 10:40

Erik Haaheim - 10:51

Noah Rubuliak - 11:04 


Rayson Eric Min 19:17 

Eric Simpson - 19:18


Manuel Fehlmann - 10:13

Mel Deon - 10:33

Chris McQuinn - 11:43

Adam Coppock - 11:41

Ryan Moir - 11:42

Richard Loney - 12:11 

Jack Kosmerly - 15:07 


Craig Mo - 16:01


Seth Cowie - 13:35