Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 12

Thursday August 15th

A real bestest gooder these Crit races were. Double superlatives indeed. 

A solar globe that had a blanket of cloud, zero wind, amazing volunteers, a ton of supporting peoples for their racers, and the smiling racers. 

Standing at Crowley Ethel - you could sense the good vibe everywhere. Of course I muddied that happiness with the A Group race org change - but peoples were all happy. My name was mud - only for a while. 

The ice boxes didn't survive their bounty. A good sign all were hydrated by OBRC. 

Special call out again to the Vernon Tri Monsters. 

Laura Medcalf needs a full Prop call out for devoting a serious load of volunteer time for their programs.

As well - our Series has been heavily attended by their Juniors. Their parents have made the logistics happen so they can race our 3 disciplines.  👍


The Tri Monsters are running a Junior Triathlon September 8th - 

with I believe 7 different courses, relay teams, a closed tarmac course, aimed specifically at 

juniors of all ages. I strongly recommend you get your Juniors involved in this race - and network this for families you know would enjoy it. 

Some Notables . . 

  • Our TT Chief Judy Lloyd rode down to watch and help the ladies in Command & Control. Awesome to see you back rolling Judy - and thank you. 
  • 3 Iron Locomotives rolled both the TT and Crits this week - Gary Wade, Jesse Van Oene, Geddan Ruddock. Note this. 
  • Some new faces at our Crit - welcome aboard Daniel Poggi, Bob Werner, Adam Chalkley. Paul Beard has been to a couple Crits already - sounds like him and Lance Huber make the trek up from Penticton for our races. This is why we are badged Okanagan Bike Race Club. 
  • Props again to Carter McNichol for helping out last night - his inner Auctioneer didn't show up. But his kid smarts really shone . One racer left behind his iPhone and tire kit in my truck. Locked phone. Carter showed Melissa and Glynis and I how to bypass the number code to use the phone. We got 2 calls out - made connections - phone & kit delivered that night. As I type this - I can see CSIS getting him on the payroll for next week. . . dang. 
  • Domcor had a new Chief at helm whilst Bossman Chris reviewed activities eleswhere. Welcome aboard Brandie. 
  • This call out is for out-of-towner racers that commit to our Series even though they don't have a Okanagan postal. Troy Delfs is one of these tenacious awesome persons. 
  • Brock Hoel - you make us all look like couch potatoes . Pre-race and post-race brick runs. Great racing last night Dude - seriously. 
  • Lukey dusted off the rig and raced his first Crit in a long long time. Thank you Luke Way for supporting our Series with your Balance Point racing group. 
  • there was a multi-kid Haaheim sighting last night . Great racing back East Erik ( Ana Large and any others I missed too ). 

without further ado . . 

Chief of Race , Registrar, Paparazzi - Glynis Shaw

Command & Control - Judy Lloyd

Command & Control  - Yusula Choe 

Videographer - Joshua Perkins 

Roadie, Racer - Melissa Jack 

Weddell Boom Broom, Paparazzi - Laura Medcalf

Crowley Boom Broom - Takumi Minigawa

Domcor TC - Chief Brandie & Ashley

Ethel Junction TD  - Richard Loney , Sheadon Thomson, Mark Fleming

Ethel Boom Broom - Calvin & Hobbes

Paparazzi, Field Management, Boom Broom Supervisor,  IT black art - Carter McNichol 

Ethel hag, Symphony dj - Brent Prokop



1st Place - Melissa Jack


1st Place - Robbie Ruddock

2nd Place - Joshua Perkins 


1st Place - Luca Van de Vosse

2nd Place - Max Wright


Max Wright

Luca Van de Vosse 



1st Place - Ana Large 


1st Place - Aidan Oliphant

2nd Place Brodie Wright


1st Place - Mark Fleming 

2nd Place - Takumi Minigawa ! ! 

3rd Place - Aidan Oliphant 

4th Place - Brodie Wright

5th Place - Ana Large ! ! 

6th Place - Luke Way 

7th Place - Adam Chalkley 

8th Place - Ryan Moir 

9th Place - Tyler Nerbas 


Luke Way

Aidan Oliphant 

Tyler Nerbas 


Once a year it's tossed around to do an Elimination Crit. We do it - and racers that gave you the stink eye last 1/4 of race become happy, giddy Julia-Roberts-big-goofy-grinners afterwards. 

Make no slight - this is a HARD race to roll, and to manage. The last 8 laps - no Primes were called - every lap the last rider is pulled. This is anaerobic attrition at it's finest. And no we won't roll another this year. 

The first 3/4 of race was a flyer to begin with. . . 

Thank you racers - it was a hard battle - and you all gave it the maximum attack. PROPS

1st Place - Matt Brown 

2nd Place ( Soooooo close and such a good Finish Line sprint ) - Brock Hoel

3rd Place - Bob Werner

4th Place - Mark Sherman 

5th Place - Lance Huber

6th Place - Geddan Ruddock

7th Place - Troy Delfs

8th Place - Gary Wade 

9th Place - Jesse Van Oene

10th Place - Paul Beard 

11th Place - Alex McDonald 

12th Place - Eric Norkum

13th Place - Daniel Poggi

14th Place - Colby Large 


Colby Large ! ! 

Alex McDonald

Mark Sherman x2


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 13

Tuesday August 13th

Blasty fast. 

It's the only two words you need to know about last night's TT. Lot's of smiles and an amazing bunch of leg punch from all racers. 


Yup it spit on us all around 4 pm - but the system went through to NE and all tarmac was dry as a bone. 


The windsock at the aerodrome was straight North at 530 but died down significantly for 640. Racers spoke of a cross wind on course but not a gale, nor a tempest. Just a subtle wind. 


A rare few dedicated persons have made YOUR Time Trials happen, be successful, be safe. 

Judy Lloyd - THANK YOU 

Melissa Jack - THANK YOU

Jenn Lloyd - THANK YOU

Carter McNichol - Props young fella

Postal Codes

Within a 2 week span - the crud island wedge at OVR & McKenzie came back to life. Thanks to Melissa, Carter, and myself - we zeroed it back to nothing but clean tarmac. 

OVR & Morrison - cleaned

OVR First Corner to and past McKenzie - cleaned 

Joho Missile

The lad is well rested, fast, and mentally charged. A land-based missile is the best way to describe Geddan Ruddock. 

Please note when you look-see the times below - he was Eddy Merckx'ing it. Road bike, cheese-grater helmet, no booties, hairy forearms. All said - 2 seconds off 1st Place ! ! ! 

other notables

Cheryl Fast shaved 2:03 off her best time ! ! TWO minutes and THREE seconds ! ! Props Cheryl. 

Newcomer Leda is prepping for the Kelowna BC 55+ Summer Games. Thanks for coming out Leda. 

Summed up by a volunteer last night " It's these little moments of success, laughs, and smiles that makes the events amazing. 

In the titles Carter will be described as :

an Arborist - he spent 1/3 of his time in the Finish Line tree,

a Juggler - that damn .35 cent water bottle kept him busy the other 1/3 not brooming

an Auctioneer - he didn't stop talking the whole time last night. I think he likes the event 😊

without further ado . . . 

Chief of Race, Registrar - Judy Lloyd 

Swiss Timing - Jenn Lloyd

Swiss Timing, Roadie, Arborist, Pirate Spyglass, BOOM BROOM - Melissa Jack

Arborist, Auctioneer, Juggler, Boom Broom Supervisor - Carter McNichol 

Domcor TC - Brittany, Admiral Chris

rig driver, good dj, sweep - Brent Prokop


Cheryl Fast - 35:39

Leda Repp - 37:14


Eric Rayson - 29:26


Jesse Van Oene - 21:23

Geddan Ruddock EM - 21:25

Gary Wade - 21:55

SEE YOU @ BVO Crit No. 12

BIG SURPRISE for you all. 

Eat your Wheaties 


Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 11

Thursday August 8th

The heat didn't stop too many persons . . racing happened. Kinda warm was the catchphrase - cause if you say it's too hot - you're done on the bike. 

Old Guard 

We all had the privilege last night to have stalwart Greg Sanger drop by and watch the happenings. Fellow codgers KC Joe and Mark were his wingmen. The lads took in the entire race - and watched a lot from Crowley/Ethel junction. 

One of the lads lent Sean Williams his rear wheel so Seano could attack Beer Primes off the Shoulder of Orion. Thank you

For those of you not knowing - Greg ran the Crits & TTs for many a year when the Series was under the COBRA badge. Yes he was there when Svein Tuft destroyed tarmac and did a 18 & change TT ( he rolled it twice in one night no less ). I heard from another racer Greg mentioned his last race was " Gastown '77 ". Holy moly I was like 11 yrs old . . . 

It was welcoming and insightful to have Greg asking me some questions as we bantered about the Series. As I hagged the Ethel intersection - the placid moments in between racers and savage Albertan drivers was dedicated to our convo. 

Thank you sir - you're most welcome to drop by anytime. Him and the lads were getting caught up on the new faces and who was who in the groups. 

New Guard 

Whilst my write-ups of infamy always centre & front our volys - read between the lines. The core few make this all happen for you. So it's nice to see others stepping in to help out - and without prodding. Tonight's Star of the Game goes to Will Pao - sweeping the Crowley Arc before his race. 

We have 6 events left this year - it would be great to see others take the pressure off our Corps - and give them some slack. Carter is 10 and volunteering for YOU. 

There was a few ladies helping with Start / Finish - but I got no names. Thank you - and let us know if you want to be included in the write-ups. 


Our Sponsorship Chair Executive since Day 1 - Doug Shaw - has been a busy lad. Last night's Beer Primes were courtesy of his groundwork and augment for the Series. 

Tree Brewery donated 5 x 32oz cans of Amber goodness. 

Thank you Tree and thank you Doug.

Iron Locomotives 

Both Braden Kersey ( Vernon ) and Geddan Ruddock rolled our TT AND Crit this week. Note this 


Ernie's recon Wednesday made for ice cold H20 that was also iced in the buckets. From 60+ we have but a half dozen left. 

Know that we take the racers replenishment seriously - and moreso when the mercury is high 30s.

without further ado . . . .

Chief of Race, Registrar - Glynis Shaw

Facilities , Roadie, Racer - Melissa Jack

Technical Delegate - Greg Sanger 

Domcor TC - Admiral Chris and Devon

Ethel Hag, bad DJ - Brent Prokop

Hydration Management - Ernie Prokop

Boom Brrom Crowley Arc - Will Pao

Boom Broom 130 & Ethel - Carter McNichol , Brent Prokop

Start / Finish Management - Carter McNichol 

Bestest Cheerleader - Fran Ruddock



1st Place - Melissa Jack


1st Place - Robbie Ruddock

2nd Place - Joshua Perkins 


1st Place - Tony Perkins


Tony Perkisn x2



1st Place - Kendra Shaw

2nd Place - Carolyn Shaw


1st Place - Aidan Oliphant 

2nd Place - Jack Screen 

MEN & Overall 

1st Place - Mark Fleming

2nd Place - Aidan Oliphant

3rd Place - Jack Screen

4th Place - Will Pao

5th Place - Doug Shaw

6th Place - Lance Huber 

7th Place - Kendra Shaw

8th Place - Carolyn Shaw


Doug Shaw x2

Mark Fleming 



1st Place - Brock Hoel 

AND he did pre-race and post-race bricks ! ! 

2nd Place - Braden Kersey

MEN & Overall

1st Place - Brock Hoel ! ! !

2nd Place - Jesse Van Oene

3rd Place - Sean Williams

4th Place - Troy Delfs

5th Place - Lance Huber ( this guy gets around )

6th Place - Eric Norkum

7th Place - Geddan Ruddock 

8th Place - Alex McDonald

9th Place - Braden Kersey

10th Place - Matt Van Norstrand


Alex McDonald

Matt Van Norstrand

Sean Williams


Geddan Ruddock

Braden Kersey


S.P. Interiors No. 12

Tuesday August 6th

Post-long weekends are all about recovery . . . so our expectations are slight to moderate for racers on the next day. 

The ' word of the day ' was TENACITY and the ' number of the day ' was 2.

Ha ha ha ha says the Count - and yes we're going to include ALL of the synonyms . . cause they're all cemented to our Volunteers and this Series , all cemented to our Racers and this Series. 



  1. synonyms: persistence, pertinacity, determination, perseverance, doggedness, tenaciousness, single-mindedness, strength of will, firmness of purpose, strength of purpose, fixity of purpose, bulldog spirit, tirelessness, indefatigability, resolution, resoluteness, resolve, firmness, patience, purposefulness, staunchness, steadfastness, constancy, staying power, application, diligence, assiduity, sedulousness, insistence, relentlessness, inexorability, inexorableness, implacability, inflexibility; More
    • the quality or fact of being very determined; determination."you have to admire the tenacity of these two guys"
    • the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.

- Blasty hot

- tonnes of iced bottle water

- higher humidity than expected

- low winds

- one competitor drove down from Vernon to race. 

- wondrous volunteers.

without further ado . . . 

Chief of Race, Registrar - Judy Lloyd

Facilities, Roadie, Pirate Spyglass - Melissa Jack 

Ident - Jenn Lloyd 

Domcor TC - Admiral Chris, Ashley


Braden Kersey - 22:42


Geddan Ruddock EM - 22:35 


Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 10

Thursday August 1st

 ( Write-up by Glynis Shaw ! ! )

August 1st criterium was a hot one. This is the first time that I have seen ALL of the water in the cooler get drank. Even the volunteers under the tent drank water.

The crew:
Registration and bell - Colby Patricia Large

Primes, finish line and cheer squad - Melissa Jack

Corner 1 traffic, sweep and just general get everything started - Brent Prokop

Traffic control - Domcor team of Chris Spencer and Chris Melmoth 

Timing and photos - Glynis Shaw

Highlights of the night:
The playlist was great.

First ever crit for Melissa Jack!

The Tri Monsters from Vernon came this week. They brought 6 riders! Thanks for making the journey to Kelowna, it is good to see more people racing.

Bottle handoff during the race. Melissa passed a water bottle to Mark as he rode past. It was her first time doing a handoff and she was so excited to be successful.

Mark Sherman’s recover in corner 1. He went into the corner too hot and started to go sideways. There was a moment of terror for all watching.

Results B group
Primes went to Kendra Shaw x2 and Carolyn Shaw

1st Kendra Shaw
2nd Luca Van de Voss
3rd Carolyn Shaw
4th Max Wright
5th Anna Jackson
6th Melissa Jack

Wedge Results:
Primes went to Takumi Minagawa, Aaron Stroda, and Tyler Nebraska.

1st Cooper Simpson
2nd Aaron Stroda
3rd Ana Large
4th Takumi Minagawa
5th Brodie Wright
6th Will Pao
7th Tyler Nerbas
8th Jack Screen
9th Ryan Moir

A Results:
Primes went to Noah Rubuliak, Alex McDonald, Mark Sherman, and Bob Chew.

1st Jesse Vanoene
2nd Mark Sherman
3rd Braden Kersey
4th Paul Beard
5th Alex McDonald
6th Eric Norkum
7th Noah Rubuliak
8th Bob Chew
9th Brandon S Archer

Thanks to everyone that came out last night. See you next week.


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 11

Tuesday July 30th

Finally . . . 

Some hot weather , GREAT racing, and an old foe vanquished. When you look at the picture - note where I'm standing. That is the white line - where everything in front of me is the " Bike Lane " at Old Vernon Road and McKenzie. 

Laugh you may - but this 3" deep island of gravel and crud had ( note past tense ) it's own postal code. 

I've been wanting to wipe clean this slate for 3 years ( even with a delineator - sweeping solo at this junction was loco ). 

Why ? 

Cause it consumed the entire Bike Lane and forced riders onto the vehicle lane of OVR. At a three-way junction no less. 

Why ?

Safety. Safety. Safety. 

Why ? 

Because for 3 years - no one else has thought or offered to do so. 

No more. 

Thanks to Melissa Jack and myself - we swept the following areas last night : 

Old Vernon Rd 1st Corner all the way to end of McKenzie ! ! ! 

Old Vernon Rd Southbound from across cattle stockade to last TT apex climb. 

This took a lot of effort in a short period of time. Anaerobic isn't the proper term. 

Four names - 4 - to date have helped sweep OVR for cyclists and TT racers. 

McNichol - Bandol - Jack - Prokop 

Another treat last night was a visit from TT Alumni. Tyler Cernak and his Father were old school TT racers. Great speaking with Tyler and hearing how the Start Chute lineup went all the way back to where the current day roundabout is. Amazing. 

Thank you Tyler and Charlotte for the visit. 

As always . . . a tip of hat to the following volunteers. Always there - always making our Series the best damned grassroots TT, Crit, and HC events this side of Thunder Bay. 

without further ado . . . 

Chief of Race , Registrar - Judy Lloyd

Registrar VP - Min Rayson 

BOOM BROOM , Roadie, EOD, Monacle Ident  - Melissa Jack 

Domcor TC - Brittany & Admiral Chris

TT Alumni - Tyler Cernak , Charlotte 

Ident & Rendering - Brendan Stewart 

BOOM BROOM , bad DJ - Brent Prokop 


Whittall Wonders - 28:30

( Ken & Heather )


Cheryl Fast  - 37:42 


Ray Morisson - 24:38

Eric Rayson - 28:39


Braden Kersey - 22:12 


Jesse Van Oene - 21:05

Scott Rosnak - 21:43 

Long Course Sean Williams - 22:14




Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 9

Thursday July 25th

Finally . . . the Okanagan temps come to fruition - proofed by the post race emptied iced water box. 

The standard crowd, some new new faces, some faces we haven't seen in a while, and as always the hardcore volys that make your racing happen

This part of your programming is a gracious nod to Melissa Jack. Literally she did it all last night. Extend her your respect and thanks the next time you sign in. 

We're also sharing a GoFundMe page for Brock Hoel. This kid , hands down is like every other grommet we have racing. Polite, humble, and respectful . . . in this day and age it is total harmony for us volunteers and fellow racers. I know this kind of leadership at such a young age ' leads by example ' and the racers junior to him see that conduct as the standard. The bar is set most high with this composure around. 

He showed it again with his racing composure last night. Props man.

I've chimed many a time in these write-ups of infamy how our Youth is our driving force. I rest my case. 

Brock and his siblings remind me so much of a humble mongrel I ride with mountain biking. Puckie finished 52nd at the 2007 Kona Ironman Championships with a eyeball popping 9 hrs 11 minutes ! ! ! He beat Laurent Jalabert ( yes THAT JaJa ). He'll never say boo about this race , not never ever.

Me - if I finished 9:11 at Kona ( stop laughing so much - you'll pee your pants  ) - I'd have that time tattooed across my forehead 😃. But that's another story. 

Help Brock out please. 

She was a gooder last night. 

One biff with a few bruises and a couple tarmac kisses that won't likely buff out. Our A Group is a fast, tough bunch. Hope you 3 heal quick. 

It's the time of year that pre and post race convo usually starts with " Spolier Alert - have you seen today's Stage ? " . Props to the Colombian on yesterday's Alp stage win. 

Thanks to all that came, voly'd, cheered, and raced. 

Only 5 dates left - make it happen peoples. 

without further ado . . . 

Chief of Race, Registrar, Prime Facilitator, Roadie - Melissa Jack 

Swiss Timing - Laura Medcalf

Weddell 130 Boom Broom - Eric Rayson 

Crowley Arc Boom Broom - Patricia Large, Aaron Stroda, Cooper Simson

Technical Delegate - Ray Morisson

Domcor TC - Chris Spencer, Devon Cairney

Industrial First Aid - Luke Way 

Video Mule & Videographer - Ryan Moir

Ice Patrol - Aadeyn & Maliya

Ethel Hag, Bad DJ - Brent Prokop



1st Place - Amelia Hudson


1st Place - Max Wright


1st Place - Eric Rayson 


Max Wright

Eric Rayson



1st Place - Ana Large 


1st Place - Brody Wright

2nd Place - Jack Screen 


1st Place - Aaron Stroda 

2nd Place - Cooper Simson

3rd Place - Brody Wright

4th Place - Ryan Moir 

5th Place - Jack Screen

6th Place - Ana Large

7th Place - Takumi Minigawa 


Takumi Minigagwa 

Aaron Stroda x2


Subtly - with diplomacy - this is a Grassroots community Racing Series. We ain't UCI televised - so please race and race your best - but keep the Sgt. Rock bellering at others to a  minimum. 

1st Place - Matt Brown

2nd Place - Brock Hoel  ( JUNIOR 1st )

3rd Place - Jesse Van Oene 

4th Place - Lance Huber 

5th Place - Lincoln Hoel ( JUNIOR 2nd )

6th Place  - Gary Wade 

7th Place - Sean Williams 

8th Place - Matt Van Nostrand

9th Place - Eric Norkum

10th Palce - Alex McDonald

GORDIE HOWE tough guys

Manny Fehlmann

Carson McComb

Braden Kersey


Colby Large ( YES !!! )

Braden Kersey

Brock Hoel 

Lance Huber

Matt Brown