Auditory expansion

Audio Howiter for Crit Prime Lap goodness


Courtesy of the Lloyd family - this foot long eardrum-busting cannon was procured for it's ability to make dogs awake with fright but 17.89 kms away. I'm not kidding - this Prime Lap ringer is going to be heard at every amber-serving establishment on Richter Street. You think I'm kidding. . . 

Maxwell Audio Tapes


In the 80's, everyone ( when not stopping their cars with their feet like Barney Rubble ) made mixed tapes from vinyl. 

Maxwell Audio did this commercial and the posters were of equal might in every young man's bedroom to the Farrah Fawcett red bikini one and Lamborghini Countach poster. The poster speaks for itself and exemplifies the scale of our Prime Lap Howiter.