Happy Holidays from Okanagan Bike Race Club

I'm a sucker for vibrant oil paintings and any photo stock where the eye behind the lens gets it. Nails the perspective, the moment, the prep and logistics, the journey TO that shot. 

#jurgenmikusch just launches this one out of the park. . . 

That rig is most interesting . . . fair to say it's some fortitude tucked inside to use those aerobars in said conditions. 

That vista is gorgeous. I'd dare say a fair resemblance to Hwy 6 past Lumby looking Eastward to the Monashees . . but alas that's a Euro pack of compact peaks. 

That off-populous road is just as gorgeous. Save waving or chewing the fat with the locals . . this would be a bloody great roll. 

That dull thud grey sky shows more colours than most will ever see. 

I commend this person for this roll and this shot. PROPS

We enter the Holidays. 

Admin and workstuff never really stops with OBRC. Our bookings are being refined for the new registration platform. 

For 2020 we aim to enhance the EXPERIENCE that is our multi-discipline events. Our Volunteers , our Crowds, and our Racers all need to enjoy a safe, fun venue. 

We at OBRC are not an episode of orchestrated drama like " Below Deck ". All contributing parties to the OBRC events enjoy the roll. 

We wish you and your family the very best this Season. Keep the cardio engine as well tuned as possible - no matter the medium. 

Pledge to really really help us out in 2020 - your volunteer time is needed. 



A Review of the Awesomeness

A New Crit course, professional Traffic Control, super-amazing Volunteers, a new Hill Climb course, and a surge in attendance through to the end of August. 

2019 Season was a huge hit. Lot's of positives and some challenges. 

Always always a whopper round of applause to the core Volunteers. You know them cause you always saw their faces at the events. 

  • Melissa Jack went from perpetual Voly to Voly / Racer. Still can't wipe that smile off her face - but don't cheer her on too much racetime . . ha ha. 😁
  • Glynis Shaw reinvented and upgraded exponential the duties thereof as Chief of Race, 😎
  • Judy Lloyd kept hopping about and made the Time Trials smooth and controlled, Jenn always always there for the cheer. 😊
  • Min Rayson proves that young at heart is the key to it all. Both her and Eric raced, volunteered, and support our Series fully. Beyond 80 years young. Take note please. 🙌
  • Doug Shaw really really ran Sponsorship from Day 1 and performed tasks throughout the Season that made MacGyver look like a toddler. Seriously thank you Sir. 👍
  • Mr. T Haaheim was THE guy for anti-gravity duties when available. His narrative on our Series history ( approaching 40 years ! ) is both mind-blowing and worth the listen. Do you know anyone else that has pocketed a Cat 1 Round the Lake ride BEFORE a Crit ? I do 😁
  • Carter McNichol showed scale at the younger end of the spectrum - doing a mighty fine job as roadie , Boom Broom vehicular supervision, and IT services with forgotten hardware post-race. 

While there a many others - and your duties never go unnoticed - the ethos of our Series is community grassroots racing for all ages. Volunteerism is what makes our Series race along. 


The first full year of Traffic Control by Domcor was incredible. Both our BVO Crits and S.P. Interiors Time Trials could NOT have happened without Domcor's services. 

This comes at a cost. 

The Executive has seen the hard cost expenses and review for 2019. 

All said - the net deficit for 2019 was about $ 5,700. 

This was covered and paid for entirely by S.P. Interiors as sponsorship. We still have the 19 Poster on our storefront window . . . 

Inclusion the 300+ hrs I personally pour into the races - the Prokop's commitment to Crits, TTs, and Hill Climbs does not change. 

So we adapt for 2020 with some plans and subtle changes. 

  • Race Fees remain intact for 2020 with all Junior Race Fees $ 5 and Adult / Seniors $ 10. 
  • OBRC Membership will stay same - as we need to keep our racing families and Juniors doing what they do. 
  • Post long weekend events are scrubbed - there was some thin TTs and Crits after long weekends. 
  • Non-HOT events will have bottled H2O scaled back. 

Sponsorship is our key for 2020. 

A number of our Executive are working on large and small scale Sponsorship. 

In addition - we will be proposing a return for your potential sponsorship for 2020. Persons and businesses can Sponsor a date of Traffic Control and have the invoice borne to them. 

Hence our call out for your participation to this. 

Know of someone / some business that wants to contribute ? Know that an invoice will be generated for tax purposes and placement on the OBRC Poster. 

Contact an Executive Member you know or myself 

slowtwitch@live.ca and we can forge ahead. Average costs have been ~$ 200 for a TT and ~ $ 300 for a Criterium. 

Raceday Poster placement, social media mention, Poster recognition, and gameday call out. 

There is also the Donation box on our website that is at $50. A few peeople did this for the '19 Season and most appreciated are we. 

2020 Schedule 

As described above . . changes. We are also going to flex the schedule for AMGF, and Youth Provincials - so as always keep an eye a few days out and gameday to Fakebook or our website. We'll make sure the word is out for changes or rainouts. 


Tuesday May 19th 

Tuesday June 30th 

Thursday July 2nd

Tuesday August 4th

Season Start 

Knox Mtn Hill Climb Tuesday April 21

Season Finale 

Brian Van Oene Criterium Thursday August 27th 


S.P. Interiors Time Trials - always on a Tuesday      

For 36 years the Okanagan's all-ages professionally Traffic Controlled Time Trail with multiple Categories. Solo, Two Person TT, Two Person Split,Fixie, Single Speed. Racers as young as 10 and young at heart 82 race themselves against the clock.     

April 28    

May 5, 12  

June 2, 16, 23  

July 7, 21, 28  

August 11, 18, 25

Brian Van Oene Criteriums - always on a Thursday    

Three Races every night - B & Wedge Group, Women's Group, A Group on a professionally Traffic Controlled course in the heart of Downtown Kelowna. Multiple Categories and a great Spectator venue.   

April 23      

May 7, 21, 28  

June 4, 11, 25    

July 9, 16, 23, 30  

August 6, 13, 20, 27

Hill Climbs    

Knox Mtn Hill Climb    

April 21 , May 26

Antenna Road Hill Climb  

Lilloet @ Summit all the way up to Cardiac Climb. . .   

April 30 , June 9

Crystal Mtn Hill Climb 

( subject to WK & CORD approval )

Gates Rd to Summit - 10kms of bliss

July 14 Tuesday 

Yes you read that right . . a Crystal HC 

June Springs Hill Climb    

( subject to City of Kelowna approval )

May 14 , June 18

Until then - our thanks to City of Kelowna, Ministry of Transportation, our Volunteers, our Racers, our Spectators. Have a gooder Fall and Winter Season.