Brian Van Oene Criteriums


A, Wedge, & B Group Street Circuit racing

Racers from 12 to 81 ( yes Eighty One ) make Thursdays their favourite day of the week. 

We've been fortunate that many of the Red Devil Riders and XElle Women's Group come to the BVO Crits. 

New to town or Crits ? There are many a cycling ambassador / elder around to ask questions and get a good start. OBRC prez is at EVERY race !


Brian Van Oene

BVO did it all - ran Ultra running races, Ironmans, Crits & TTs - but it was his support of the our racing series that shines the brightest. Not too many peoples volunteered their time like Brian. This racing series is aptly named. 


Family Fun & Safety

Think you're tough and fast ? Yup the A Group is for you - but be warned 45 minutes plus 2 laps is going to be the hardest thing you'll do all week. 

The B Group is a perfect entry into the most gratifying 30 minutes plus 2 laps you'll ever do. We have this Group wholly for Senior & entry Junior Racers. 

The Wedge Group is literally wedged between A & B Group - and is for the lot of you that are too fast for B and not quite in the hunt for A. 

Weddell - Crowley - Ethel


2 Races every BVO Crit Thursday

1730 - signup

1800 - B Group & Wedge Group Race

1840 - A Group Race


Clockwise Flow

Staging Area in photo is a closed parking lot. Official Start/Finish to be announced.

Racers - please utilize off course routes for warm up. Trench, Richter, Knox Mtn Drive. NO warm up riding on course after 1800