S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 1 - 2019


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 1 - 2019 

TONIGHT April 23rd
Sign-up 1730 at Old Vernon Rd & Norris Rd
( do not park in the Coca Cola pkg lot - the towing trolls is everywhere )
Race Start 1840 


Less than 10% chain of precip
No in-flight meal will be served
The stewardess may have bevvies afterwards - depending on how cranky she is - time will tell. 

Swept Zones :
Start Chute
Finish Line
OVR & Morrison
OVR 1st Corner all the way to McKenzie 

Alrighty then.
1st Race for '19. If you look closely at the poster pic - this ain't no regular TT bike. It's the gargantuan Trek Equinox TT. Boldy rolling Surly Black Floyd 3.8 tyres, with a 43 chainring and a 10/42 cassette. Don't question " Why " - say " WHY NOT ".  Oh my that's a whole lot of bike to crush tarmac. 


I chose this pic as all kinds of bikes roll our TT.
A lot of regular road bikes with/without bolt on aero bars.
A fixie has rolled our course.
A Single Speed has raced our course. 

All you need is the gumption to go race YOUR race, and set the bar or try to beat last year's highmark. 

CyclingBC base licence
OBRC Licence
A big goofy smile
And yes Laurent - a helmet 

We are not a shaved leg stuck up clique of rollers. We be an enthusiastic punch of awesome riders - all ages. 

I am currently seeing if any sailors on leave are visiting their Mums in Kelowna. Trying to arrange a keg and their punching bravado to handicap Mr. Incredible Seth Cowie. Ha ha ha ha


OBRC Sweep Session No. 2 - Old Vernon Rd

a JAFNR co-production


OBRC Sweep Session No. 2
S.P. Interiors Time Trial Course

A Plumber nor Farmer am I.

Heed happy that my shorts stayed above waist for the entire 3 hrs. Dress decorum was above board with my flash high-viz JAFNR vest and trusty delineatiors.

Heed sad that I am not tilling fields, planting seed, not tending crops. Yet swim in dirt did I. Picture 1 shows the depth of dirt, sand, crud that is Corner 1 on Old Vernon Rd. For an annum plus - I've been calling out that OVR yields more uncovered  truck loads than the rest of Kelowna combined.

Centrifugal forces make the 1st left Physics 101 as truck yaws left and load flies right - consuming the bike lane. This is not Winter spread of sand to fight the forces of ice. This is part of some Summer heathen's yard to be laid down and lawned up to out-brag the neighbors in between sessions of golf and waxing their Buick. Heck maybe it's part of the Plenty of Fish Winery at Tower Ranch ( true story ) . .

Regardless - the following critical points have been cleared.

OVR & Morrison Rd intersection
OVR 1st Corner all the way to McKenzie Rd junction

This was a Han Solo effort by yours truly.

The McKenzie Rd junction at OVR is almost a permanent junction triangle of gravel. The City just needs to auger a traffic light in the middle and finis !

I wanted to get to OVR & Spencer Rd - but I have a life to live. OVR needs a City Crew consisting of the following :
- Traffic Control lane closure team
- Bobcat with bucket to scoop out acres of dirt
- continual cycle of dump trucks to carry away loads back to the Plenty of Fish Winery.

Thousands of taxpayer dollars were saved today/ First corner cruising for the Tuesday night  TTers was my only goal.

The following song may or may not have been cranked on speakers for the hapless worker.

A Plumber nor Farmer am I.

See YOU Tuesday night !!


OBRC Sweep Session No. 1 Antenna Rd

OBRC Sweep Session No. 1 Antenna Rd.  The JAFNR clan helped with this one - including the Mighty Chester. Tins of Sarsaparilla may have been consumed in large quantities . . 


tonight's april 18th Bvo crit is cancelled

Spread the word


Yup it's an early call. 

Yup I'll hear people chiming-in it's fine and what's the deal.

Yup the old course was accommodating to some wet and most drivers would pit and put on the intermediates ( that's an F1 joke people ). 

Nope we cannot commit Flaggers and Volunteers for a handful of racers when the forecast is 70%. Our fiscal commitment for traffic control safety is a bigger. 

Nope we don't want our first roll of new course to be something akin to Carlos's home base slide on last lap of last Crit ( that was a gooder Carlos ) a few years back. Sorry for the callout Carlos Antonio Capela but you were laughing as much as we were. The play by play call prior to his Corner 4 action-jackson from Trevor is even funnier. 

When in doubt - we cancel and live with it. Go to 

DAILY SPECIALS( you're here now ! Bonus ) of the website too. I'll always post there for event scrubs and updates. 

See as many of you as possible for our Sunday April 21st Sweep Session of the TT Course on Old Vernon. Then it will be the first TT of 2019 on Tuesday April 23rd. 


Race 1 Season 2019 & Pre-Season Notes ( important notes )

get a snack & a bevvie - this is a gooder


Season 2019 Race 1

S.P. Interiors Knox Mtn Hill Climb 

Tuesday April 16th 

Sign up 1730 - 1810 

Race Start 1840 ( as always ). 

What do you need ? 

CyclingBC licence & $20 OBRC licence & $5 Race Fee



Never raced before and want to give it a shot ? 

One-day CyclingBC licence & Race Day Fee = $15

Mass Start 

We'll list all of your names and times on the interweb & Fakebook page. 


All of 'em 

Junior, Adult, Senior M & F

Fixie, Single Speed, Domestique 

2019 Pre-Season Notes


As we embark on Season 2019 - know this. 

I am passionate about the three racing disciplines we've had in Kelowna for approaching-four decades. My mission has always been to improve racer and spectator attendance, and foundation safety as priority one for our multi-aged groups. I'm a vigorous proponent that our racing series has STRONG value, focusing on fun and safety. We are not based on selling-bikes, we are a grassroots volunteer-driven bunch of awesome. 

Over the years, no one person can take credit/lay claim to anything with our series. We all enhance the Okanagan cycling community with our racership, spectating, and volunteerism. 

It's that simple - Enhance your environment. If you haven't - my question is " Why ? ". 

We are proud to be utilizing the services of Domcor Traffic Control for the entire 34 races ( 17 TTs and 17 Crits ). I haven't got to meet everyone with their team but will be in-person for both locales to ensure safety smooth. Dave Healy their Sales Lead has voly'd and covered a tonne of Triathlons so we're working with people that have done the dance. 


I've raced and flagged 'em both so the experience will be passed on and invaluable. Life is always about learning so I anticipate some feedback & input from Domcor - and will implement anything that improves the venues. 

I did due diligence and received other quotes - one company sledgehammered a price of 4 hrs minimum x 2 people x overtime plus truck. Believe it or not $ 582.56 PER RACE ?!?! Insane. 

S.P. Interiors Time Trials will - as always - have 2 Flaggers. One at Old Vernon Rd and Spencer Rd to ensure smooth racer transition Northbound and left, and quick right and task ready Southbound. The second Flagger will be at the turnaround. 

The costs being co-sponsored by S.P. Interiors as host will be a 2 hour minimum with Traffic Control Personnel @ $51.75 and Truck @ $20/hour = $ 256.35 PER RAC

Brian Van Oene Criteriums will have 2 Flaggers as well. One at Old Weddell Pl & Ethel to ensure that 130 degree righty is covered. The second Flagger will be at the Weddell / Crowley to ensure no vehicular conflict at this tri point. 

The cost being covered by Race Fees is a 4 hour minimum with Traffic Control Personnel @ $51.75 and Truck @ $20/hour = $ 476.70 PER RACE 

It is without question that SAFETY be priority one. 

Hence an increase in race Fees to $ 10 and an elimination of all Criterium prizing is without question. 

We are working on prizing for Primes. They will be announced pre-race and awarded that night. 

Our new BVO Crit Course is going to bring more spectators and more racers. How & when is up to the networking we all do to promote it, volunteer it, race it.

Bringing our Traffic Control above bar accomplishes many things :

- concentrate racer safety at both race tri-points. 

- work on bringing to form the requests of making 1 of every 4 races a FULLY Sanctioned for Points Race. As of now a work-in-progress. 

- Free up my time to focalize Start/Finish and housekeeping duties. 

Prior to the 1st TT of the '19 Season - there will be a Sweep Session Sunday April 21st. Let's go with noon to 3pm again. We definitely need help with this for flagging as sweepers work the bike lane. Areas to concentrate on is OVR & Morrison, OVR 1st left corner to McKenzie, and driveway points of crud along OVR. The new tarmac is pretty sweet. 

I will also be working the Antenna Rd tarmac prior to the first HC on April 25th. It will be the Wednesday night April 24th from 1730 to 1930. Trust me that .4 km hunk of ugly pitch tarmac will be smooth as a baby's bottom. 


We still need you to " do the deed " and help us. For Tuesday's Knoxo Hill Climb - I need 5 people. Chime in below please or contact me DM. 

We have the Volunteer webpage - and I'll be chiming in prior to every event. 

We will be implementing a Code of Conduct for OBRC and publish it we will when done. In the meantime - common courtesy, riding your line, no abrupt changes of said line, respect other riders, volunteer at least one event per discipline, promote the Series. 

Learn to Crit Sessions. It's interesting - we've offered this a lot in the past with no nibbles. This year we'll be promoting specific date & time clinics. When you see the call for said - hit up friends you know would benefit from this. Promote the Series. 



S.P. Interiors Time Trial Course Sweep Session

Sunday April 21st 1200 to 1500


Old Vernon Rd & Norris Rd 

Volunteer Needs 

We need at least 6-10 peoples to help Flag and Sweep many many a section of OVR. 

A backset arked vehicle in Bike Lane will ensure sweeper safety. 

Priority Areas 

OVR & Morisson Rd

OVR first LEFT corner to McKenzie Rd 

multiple driveways along OVR to Spencer Rd 

Chime in with an email to slowtwitch@live.ca 


BVO Antenna rd hill climb sweep session

Wednesday April 24th 1730 - 2030


Selkirk Drive & Antenna Rd 

Volunteer Needs 

Another person with a mechanized leaf blower. We need at least 6 peoples to walk the entire .4km road and air blow/sweep her clean. This double-digit pitch will demand some racers " ripple chip " their attack to get up the hill. We need to clean the road for this. 

Chime in with an email to slowtwitch@live.ca 



Updates & Worldly Events


- NEW Crit Course sweep day tomorrow Sunday April 6th from noon to 3pm. Weddell Place, Crowley, Ethel. 

Will probably park along Weddell somewhere and migrate peoples where needed. Honestly the priority will be all 3 corners first.

I'll have at least 3 brooms, vests, all kinds of refreshments. There is NO meal on this flight - but we will have cheezies. Ha ha

If you have a good broom / shovel to bring - please do so.

We will have paddles and signs to flag the sweeping areas. So if you're unable to sweep cause you just crashed yer mtn bike - we'd love your scabbed exterior to help out flagging.

Thank you all that plan to show up and flag or elbow grease some sheen into the tarmac.

If you bike to this session - you can have the pleasure of rolling the Course post-sweep. This is going to be a hot/cold throttle and test of your cornering kind of racing. See below in * Transition * header.

- June Springs Hill Climbs are not going to happen this year. If you've ridden / driven up Juney - you'll see the extensive logging that's going on just before Homrek Rd and up to the zip line park. The tarmac is beat to shreds at Homrek so don't wear your flash kit if you're riding Juney for repeats.

We've put in a request with the City of Kelowna for an alternate - and the various departments are reviewing said.
We will keep you posted. If this doesn't occur we'll be rocking 6 times Knoxo.

- Transition & RACE FEES.
For 2019 our Race Fee is $ 10 & OBRC Membership $ 20

For April & May - All Crit Races will be $ 5 no matter age. Whilst we transition into a Hot/Cold course - we all need time to work the feel and corner the corners. I'll make a section on webpage for the $ 5 Race Fee.

All Juniors will be $ 5 per race ( TT, HC, Crit ) until otherwise stated.

- OBRC memberships
Get 'em online.


- Think bicycles are just a reflection of your soul and karma ?
Think again . . . Uganda's Bicycle Ambulances