s.p. interiors time trial no. 8

TONIGHT June 25th

We have a subtle limiter tonight with rain expected after 7pm. Only 40% chance but a possibility. 


We are going to shoot out the racers as early as possible - 620 or 625. Domcor is always ahead of the arc, as is our volys. 

If you're planning to race tonight - make it so with a shortened timeframe. 

If you ride out and need a lift back, the Panzerkampfwagen can facilitate this. 



tonight's bvo crit is cancelled

Thursday June 20th

Tonight's BVO Criterium Races are cancelled.   Traffic Control costs grant not us the luxury of running the show if no one attends. Check the winds . . check the percentage probability of rain. From 2pm - 9pm it's going to be wet. . . .


S.P. interiors time trial no. 7 - 2019

TONIGHT Tuesday June 18th

Made you look didn't we ? 

What in the what does an almost-ears-deep-goofy-smiling-powdernut have to do with the venerable Time Trials ? 

Well lots . . . 

- those of you complaining it's HOT out, look at the picture and remember those frozen'd days sniffing for the freshies. Can't feel your feet for hours and the all-gross screaming barfies in your hands. This ain't hot. 42C with no wind is kinda getting warm.

- Smile. See his smile ? Look at it. The reward for enduring the search, the patience, the tenacity to outlast the elements to enjoy the bliss. Our riding and racing is same. We're always at the mercy of the elements - especially the TT. 

I see this smile on many a competitor in all 3 of our disciplines. There's a hardy spectator of 12 too. Mums & Dads have this guaranteed . . . 

- Come out and enjoy the challenge of testing yourself against the clock. 

- ALWAYS lot's of iced bottled water - unlike your revenue-dependent shop rides - we supply lot's if icy H2O. 

See YOU out there. 


brian van oene criterium no. 7

TONIGHT June 13th

B & WEDGE Group start ~ 545

Women's Crit No. 2 start - 6:25


A Group start - 7:00 

Sponsoring tonight is Red Bird Brewery & 

Dairy Queen. 

Sponsor Chair Doug Shaw will have all the details pre-race.


Pre-race - if you able and around - we need Boom Broom work on 130 Corner and the Crowley Blitz. See us at the truck and grab the lumber and make it work. 

Command & Control - Ms. Jack is busy doing voly work elsewhere tonight ( wish more peoples were like her ) so ask at check-in. We could really use a dedicated Slo-Mo videographer at Start / Finish. As well Spotters. 


We'll have plenty of iced water for all racers. Just ask any of the final Knox Hill Climbers Tuesday - the H2O was iced and aplenty. 


Special props and thanks to Colby Patricia Large for the use of a spare tent for this year. Giant Bicycles will ensure our C&C is shady in this mercury rising. 


Redundancy here - if you're not sure about the mutated prose and amazing excitement that is a BVO Crit - and you want to give it a go - 2 race fee waive ( No Charge ) - but you have to have 1 day Cycling BC coverage / CyclingBC membership / UCI membership - how's this for a horribly long parasentence. Ha ha ha 



brian van oene Criterium No. 6

Tonight June 6th

Good News Everyone !! 

OBRC's first ever Women's Racing will commence tonight. Our 3 races will be as follows .   .   . Please note these start times may change ( be delayed ) as the set up for SLAT on Weddell by Domcor TC is the priority and limiter. Expect to go long tonight. 

This comes with three requests please.

1. Be patient with the process. This is not a Vegas show premiere where we've had months and months of pre-production. 

2. Thank your Traffic Control peoples and your volunteers. Without them Thursdays become binge watching Britney Spears Vegas show " I'm Britney Jean " pre-production whoopla. Ha ha 

3. Chime in with our Command & Control people the dates YOU can help out. 

This week ( tonight ) is university Grad functions - next week High School Grad functions. Next week our BVO Crit No. 7 will require others ( than the stellar amazings to date ) to pitch in.

B Group & Wedge Group : 1735 start

Women's Group : 1815 start

A Group : 1850 start

It's another BIG day for yours truly so I'll have the traveling circus on site as early as possible. Be good humans today and see YOU later.


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 6

Tuesday June 4th

photo courtesy of Paolo Candelo of unsplash.com 

Gonna be a 24C furnace blast. 

For the dreaded headwind will be a glorious tailwind. 

We'll have lot's of bottled water.

TT & Crit racing 

We're open to new riders giving it a go, doing the dance. For first timers - you get a 2 race bye from purchasing the $ 20 OBRC membership - BUT you have to have one of the 3 - UCI, CyclingBC or 1 Day CyclingBC registration.  This is mandatory. 

Coaches can ' ride ' with Junior racers in B Group only. UCI or CyclingBC membership ( mandatory ). Not Wedge, Not A. 

Please remember folks we're incurring significant Traffic Control costs, and our racers run only because of some core volunteers. If you haven't volunteered and you're mooching to ride sans OBRC membership - talk to the hand.