S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 14

Tuesday August 20th

the poster main is from Sept 2016 - from the 24 Hr Isle of Man TT 

Fifteen cyclists are attempting to cycle continuously around the Isle of Man's 37-mile (60.725 km) TT course for 24 hours to raise money for charity.

Four men completed the challenge last year on folding bikes raising more than £10,000 for a brain charity.

Taking part is Kirstie Harper who will be the first woman to attempt the challenge as a solo rider.

The group is fundraising for charities including the Make A Wish Foundation and the RAF Charitable Trust.

In a separate event on Saturday, 60 cyclists will tackle one, two or three laps of the mountain course as part of the the Isle of Man cycling sportive.

The Isle of Man TT course is used annually for the TT races and Manx Grand Prix - it includes more than 200 corners and 2132 ft of ascent.

Anyone that has ever done a 24 Hr bike race ( no matter the discipline ) can atest it's a rare human that savours it, and does more than one. 

You have to dig deep - way deep to keep yourself in check and knock off those little milestones to complete the task. Having rode ~343 miles in 20 hours - having froze, cried, laughed at nothing, argued with myself, baked, consumed seemingly 400,000 calories, 

and passed-out asleep in the burger drive thru but 15 minutes after the race - it is amazing and crazy and inspiring. 

These events are all about comfort - or as much as can be possible. No slammed stems, no Vogue-runway-model-shiny-kits. 

It bespeaks the basic elements of soul cyclists. A daunting goal, you, your bike, and the clock. THE race of truth

So git your rig and kit together and get on down for our 2nd last TT of the year. 

Temps will be in 30s - yes there will be lots of H2O.

Winds are single digit. 

See YOU there. 


Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 12

Thursday August 15th

The picture of the poster caught my eye - quite a statement to ink a bike and accessories manufacturer one oneself. This person could never really ride a Scott or Santa Cruz ever again now could he ? 

I would most definitely ink " NiteRider " on myself as my lighting has allowed me to enjoy riding, skiing, running, hiking 365 in many many venues in many many Delta Sierra conditions. 

Besides - one needs baby feet to fit a Mavic shoe properly 😁

Weather Forecast 

29C @ 1730 - lukewarm , don't use the "H" word,

20% POP - if it rains we STILL rollin',

Winds don't matter 10 - 15 km/hr 

Volunteer Forecast

Need help brooming all 3 corners pre-race,

Need help with take down and truck load 

Hydration Forecast 

Already chilling 

A Group - get ready for a blaster 



S.P. Interiors Time Trail No. 13

Tuesday August 13th

For a certain percentage of people - this number is bad mojo . . only if it falls on a Friday. 

Otherwise it is an impressive number :

- the first number of the ' teens '. No such thing as twelve-teen is there ?

- For our Time Trials to reach No. 13 in a wet Summer as ours - is impressive. 

- When you see the incurred volunteer hours below  - even more impressive. 

AVERAGE VOLUNTEER HOURS by Brent Prokop - to make YOUR Time Trial happen. . . 

  • 1 - 1.5 hrs for Poster main research, upload, rendering, and write up like this. 
  • 45 minutes for pick up and loading of H2O to fridge ( thx Ernie ). 
  • average 30 minutes researching Weather Network over and over when Delta Sierra conditions loom.
  • 45 minutes loading of truck for all safety equipment. Delineators, 2 sandwich board signs, table, tent ( THX COLBY LARGE ), Sign-up box, iced water box ( or two ), speaker.
  • 15 minutes getting ice and loading coolers with said. 
  • 30 minutes drive to TT Course.
  • 30 minutes set-up 
  • time permitting - 40 minutes to Broom
  • RACE happens
  • 1 hour take down and unpacking truck all equipment. 
  • 1.5 hrs - 2hrs ( average ) Race Report write-up and upload on website and Fakebook. 

NOT counting Race Time - I incur ~ 8 hours PER Time Trial. So multiply that by 13 = 104 hrs for the Time Trials alone for 2019. 

This doesn't count Hill Climbs

This doesn't count Criteriums

This doesn't count stand-alone sweep sessions done pre-season and on offdays of Tuesday & Thursday. 

This doesn't count admin for Series set-up, and miscellaneous items like artwork rendering & direction, facilitating correspondence. 


Grassroots events happen because dedicated volunteers make it happen.

We have a Corps of dedicated volys , and a good number of unvolys. 


This is why I bark, preach, prod, and poke you all with prose of wit and banter of  reminder. Pitch in please. 

This coming Crit No. 12 is gonna have 2 surprises. One you find out raceday - it's a secret. The other is a draw - 2 lucky people's names will be pulled from a hat to do MY job for the following Crit No. 13. 

Don't worry kids - if I can load a truck - unload and set-up, take-down and reload truck - to then unpack all kit - so can you. It won't make you skin burn, your eyes water, or your stomach churn. 


Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 11

Thursday August 8th

A lot goes on behind the scenes to make YOUR racing happen.
The troublemaker on the left has volunteered more than you'll ever know for Kelowna cycling. If you're ever lucky enough to ride with JT and you hear him say " I know a trail " . . hang on to your britches, and never assume that the 2 water bottles in your cage and rain jacket in backpack will suffice the ride. Maybe y'all end up at Hydraulic Lake, maybe Carmi, maybe in the rhubarb between Jackpine FSR and Terrace Mtn. Vegas odds will be that curfews and weather heed not this trailmaster.

The troublemaker on the right volunteers more for the OBRC than you'll ever know. Dad never wants the credit - but it is he who facilitates the logistics for Series hydration. No we do not run a slave factory here - Ernie knows who sells the cheapest bottle water in town & also has store runners. He makes 'em work for that $ 2.68 per 24 pack. Ernie is our Hydration Facilitator. Every bottle of water we've served - was procured, refrigerated, and shipped under his watchful eye. He loves to hear that we have racers as young as Levi and as young at heart as Eric . .  

These two punks were laughing it up as they sent the pic to me still working Friday 18:30 . Love the picture cause the laughs speak exponential.

Heat Warning
Yes there's one in effect.
Yes we'll have 2 barrels of iced water for racers and volunteers alike.
Yes we'll reduce race times to preserve everyone to race another day.

No. of Races
Most likely two overall - just depends on numbers and who has the bigger smiles. HA.

530 Signup
600 B & WEDGE racing.


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 12

Tuesday August 6th

This illustration strikes 3 things to mind.

1. Wow - I always thought the vortex plumes off our melons to back was akin to an elephant trying to run up an escalator. Just bad and messy. Yet hardly a colour shows here. This is also thanks to a proper torso strike on bike. 

2. Funny how teams pour monstrous energy, time and money on " bike fit " for the TT - yet only 2 dates on TdF is this for. 

Take note riders - a better application to your aero fit makes one a better rider. Then again most Classics have 1/3 of said a TT. 

The Race of Truth 

3. If you see someone with shaved forearms - it's not my fault. A shaved monobrow .  . maybe fault mine. 

Tomorrow night. 


single digit winds

Bueno conditions 

We'll see if the gravel island at OVR & McKenzie is reincarnated . . .

See you there 


brian van oene criterium no. 10

TONIGHT August 1st

Gonna be hot , gonna be FUN.

5th last Crti of our Season. 

Looking for Boom Broom help, Start Finish help. 

Depending on numbers will dictate the number of races. For sure we shoot out the B & Wedge Group at 6 bells. 

See YOU there


s.p. Interiors Time Trial No. 11

Tuesday July 30th

Weather Unforecast 

27% Humidity 👍

Low Winds 👍👍

28C 👍👍👍


Solo 👍

2 Person Teams  👍👍

3 Person Teams 👍👍👍

Fixie 🐱‍👤

Single Speed 😎

Domestique 😁

Volunteer Prediction 

Stacked , Happy , Boom Brooms too

( we need the help everywhere - take the hint ) 


Our Title Sponsor is covering Traffic Control costs - so YOU as the Senior 55+ Games racer, YOU as the Junior racer, YOU as the average Racer - get to get peppy on the course. 

YOU versus YOU versus the clock. 

Thank you to S.P. Interiors 


Kristin Armstrong destroyed fresh tarmac on her Road Bike to win the '13 San Dimas TT ( that's her in the poster ). 

Yes you can race your Road Bike, TT Bike, Fixie, Single Speed . . . make sure it's road worthy please. 

They'll be plenty of iced water bottles - so come shred some bitumen 

( noun - a black viscous mixture of hydrocarbons obtained naturally or as a residue from petroleum distillation. It is used for road surfacing and roofing )


Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 9

TONIGHT July 25th


I swear I've spent more time on Weather apps than a farmer strategizing when to cut the hay crop. Oy Vay. More event scrubs this year than ever. 

" Feels like 30 " 

" Low winds " 

Fair warning she'll be hot temps and hot times. 

Please be early - we'll assess numbers and most likely do 2 races to cover 4 Categories. Unless numbers get large - then we do 3 for 4. 

Would LOVE to see someone other than Moir, Prokop, Stroda, McNichol be sweeping. 

See you there.

And yes the pic is from the New West GP , and yes it's their way - not ours. Great pic 


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 11


Yes you read that right. The Time Trial has changed dates from the Delta Sierra unweather of tonight to the calm, balmy, bueno Okanagan high temps ( and may we add Personal Record conditions ) of tomorrow night. 

Spread the word. 

S.P. Interiors Time Trial is WEDNESDAY July 24th

The poster is a pic of the Pocket Rocket - and yes you can race your road bike here Caleb.  

As always - we're most welcome to host 2 and 3 person teams, fixies, single speeds. 

Volys - we'd love to see somebodies other than our hardcore core peoples. 

With next weeks waive of membership & fees - the Boom Broom squad will be needed. Come help out. 


S.P. Interiors Time Trial support for Kelowna '19 55+ games

Tuesday July 30th and Tuesday August 20th

S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 11

Tuesday July 23rd

is looking Delta Sierra all afternoon & evening. 

I have requested a date change - keep posted. 

Kelowna is hosting the 2019 55+ BC Games September 10th - 14th. 

The Cycling component will be chaired by Dave & Judy Lloyd , and Ray Morrison. I am unsure of exact titles - but they are all stepping up to make this Cycling venue strong and well supported. I will be contributing volunteer labour for it all. 

Our post TT gathering last week was a great introductory meeting with Traffic Control Chris, Ray, and Judy. Awesome synergy. 

There will be 3 events - 

Time Trial 

Our course and most likely our TC peoples. Easy for all as we've already had 10 races on it this year - and 4 major sweep sessions on the course. 

Hill Climb 

1st Lookout to Top of Knox Mtn.

Road Race

Course to be determined. 

Where we come in for Race prep and support is twofold. 

1. Tuesday July 30th and Tuesday August 20th - there will be NO RACE FEES and NO MEMBERSHIP charges. 

S.P. Interiors will be covering the Traffic Control bill for both dates. This is roughly $ 500 sponsored to allow competitors and locals to race the 16 km course whilst professionally controlled and volunteered most aweseome. 

So if you're planning to help volunteer  for either of these two events - we need all of the elbow grease for Boom Brooms we can muster. 

So if you're planning to compete in the 55+ Games - c'mon down. 

So if you're planning to compete in a 2 or 3 person team - c'mon down. 

So if you're planning to compete solo - whether road bike, TT bike, fixie, or Single Speed - c'mon down. 


Minimum Cycling BC licence required - BC Masters and Triathlon BC memberships do not suffice. Our insurance is through Cycling BC - so a one day licence of $ 10 will seal the deal. 

We need your help. 

To date 3 names have helped sweep critical areas of the course. 

Prokop, Bandol, McNichol. 

We'll need more than 3 to ensure all the cross road junctions are as clear of crud as possible. It builds up every week. 

City of Kelowna website for Cycling component. 



Also - thanks to Rider 34 for sharing the following link in the Daily Courier. 

August 26, 2013 by Gerry Morrison.

Great read on the history of our course. 





Last week's sentence in a results write up was removed Thursday July 18th. 

It's retracted and gone. I apologize for this sentence. 

Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 9

TONIGHT July 18th

We have a possibility ( 40% ) of rain at 7 bells. So we're going to do the following : 

  • the BVO Crits are a GO !!
  • Women's Racing is still a GO !!
  • Unless numbers exceed our expectations ( we love that challenge by the way ) - we'll condense the 3 categories of B , WEDGE , and WOMEN'S for ~550 start and the A Group ~ 45 minutes later. Don't be late. 
  • Sponsorship Guru Mr. Shaw will advise pre-race the sponsoring Beer House ( for Adults PRIME prizing ) and Chief of Race will administer the DQ coupons to Juniors. 
  • Temps are going to be high teens to lower 20s - bring a layer please. 

See YOU there ! ! 


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 10

Tuesday July 16th

No. 10 

Weather Unforecast calls for single digit winds, high 28C, humidity lower than 30%. BUENO

Conditions like this don't just fall into your lap. 

No. 10

2 Person , 3 Person , Single Speed, Fixie, Solo TT, Solo EM, Domestique, and our newest category . . . Lem Motlow Legs.

Junior Junior, Junior, Adult, Senior. 

The 2 Person teams had a blast last week - and most of them all made Personal Records. 

No. 10 

Including this TT - you have exactly SEVEN races left this year. We're past the halfway mark of our Season. 

A report card for the first semester would be funny. . . 

No. 10

If your surname is Lloyd, Jack, Shaw, Haaheim, Moir,  Horon, or McNichol - you are one of the few, the strong, the OBRC Core. Our races wouldn't occur without you all and I say . . BRAVO. 

No. 10 

Domcor Traffic Control makes it happen. Again PROPS. 

530 Signup

640 Race Start 


Brian Van Oene Criterium No. 8

Thursday July 11th

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away . . . we had our last Crit. 

Tonight's Crit is a GO ! 

As the poster shows - we're heavy on a few things tonight. 

- Excuses

Seems there's a Fondue this weekend ( yes I spelled that right ) so many a flash racer will be saving up to be in the Swiss Cheese hunt until some lung demon makes a jump with 10 kms to go . . . then it resorts back to a ride. 

A Group will be smaller in size than usual. All good. 

- Volunteers

We'll need to Boom Broom these 3 corners. Vegas odds and my gut tells me they'll be reminiscent of a gravccel grinder. 

- Women's Race 

Race 2 is Women's only - Until end of August - this is your race. 

Takumi can let me know later that I ripped tonight's poster off of a Scented Luminescent Tofu Festival from 2009. It's all okay - the visual was perfect - the details are disposable. 

Some days we all feel this heavy on the bike - it's how you roll it and carry it that makes the difference. 

Chester is 10 and is volunteering again tonight. That shames pretty much 80% of the Kelowna Cycling community. In the span of 3 days - he's voly'd more than most of the vanity crowd does in 5 years. Tsk tsk 

See YOU there. 


s.p. interiors tdf ttt

Tuesday July 9th

Today . . Sunday July 7th is the only TTT of this year's TdF. There's another ITT later ( strategically to spice up the general classification ) . 

TTT is where your team is as strongest as the weakest rider. The Race of Truth. 

Homage to the TT - whether individual or team - Tuesday's TT is gonna be a gooder. 

S.P. Interiors is covering the entire Traffic Control bill to promote your racing. 


Whether solo, TTT, Fixie, EM - no race fees. 

What we want to see is some 2 and 3 person TTT racing. Can we handle it ? Yup - our seasoned anti-gravity vets will take on as many team riders you muster. 

Draft Legal ? 

Hells yeah

Road Bike or TT rig ? 

Don't matter just make sure they're road worthy. 

Yes you can take off your front brake to reduce weight. 

Forearm Shave ? 

If you want to shave a few seconds off your times - go for it. Do your mono-brow whilst your at it eh 😉


- Cycling BC / UCI licencing 

- your best Race Face

- a team member or two that 

   really wants to scorch some OVR tarmac


- Race Fee

- OBRC Membership 


Some extra muscle for pre-race Boom Brooms. Would love to send out a roving patrol of 3-4 peoples. 

Weather Unforecast 

Single digit winds, High 20s, BUENO

Dispense with the excuses - see YOU there as a voly or racer. 

Share this post please. 

And yes that's an old Deutsche Telekom team photo. Herr Jan was a TT monster. . . loved it how he made Lance ascared. 


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 8

Tuesday July 2nd

Weather Unforecast 

Yes major rain this morning - then an afternoon of spit and nada after 4 pm.

The Time Trial is a GO 

If you were only going to do one OBRC event this week - you best be gearing up for tonight. 

Don't even THINK about looking at the unforecast for Thursday. Currently it's in port with an estimated 5mm throughout the day and only stops in the evening. This will change BUT it's going to have to drastically improve. 

See YOU at Old Vernon Rd & Norris Rd. 

530 pm signup 

640 race start 


S.P. interiors time trial no. 7 - 2019

TONIGHT Tuesday June 18th

Made you look didn't we ? 

What in the what does an almost-ears-deep-goofy-smiling-powdernut have to do with the venerable Time Trials ? 

Well lots . . . 

- those of you complaining it's HOT out, look at the picture and remember those frozen'd days sniffing for the freshies. Can't feel your feet for hours and the all-gross screaming barfies in your hands. This ain't hot. 42C with no wind is kinda getting warm.

- Smile. See his smile ? Look at it. The reward for enduring the search, the patience, the tenacity to outlast the elements to enjoy the bliss. Our riding and racing is same. We're always at the mercy of the elements - especially the TT. 

I see this smile on many a competitor in all 3 of our disciplines. There's a hardy spectator of 12 too. Mums & Dads have this guaranteed . . . 

- Come out and enjoy the challenge of testing yourself against the clock. 

- ALWAYS lot's of iced bottled water - unlike your revenue-dependent shop rides - we supply lot's if icy H2O. 

See YOU out there. 


brian van oene criterium no. 7

TONIGHT June 13th

B & WEDGE Group start ~ 545

Women's Crit No. 2 start - 6:25


A Group start - 7:00 

Sponsoring tonight is Red Bird Brewery & 

Dairy Queen. 

Sponsor Chair Doug Shaw will have all the details pre-race.


Pre-race - if you able and around - we need Boom Broom work on 130 Corner and the Crowley Blitz. See us at the truck and grab the lumber and make it work. 

Command & Control - Ms. Jack is busy doing voly work elsewhere tonight ( wish more peoples were like her ) so ask at check-in. We could really use a dedicated Slo-Mo videographer at Start / Finish. As well Spotters. 


We'll have plenty of iced water for all racers. Just ask any of the final Knox Hill Climbers Tuesday - the H2O was iced and aplenty. 


Special props and thanks to Colby Patricia Large for the use of a spare tent for this year. Giant Bicycles will ensure our C&C is shady in this mercury rising. 


Redundancy here - if you're not sure about the mutated prose and amazing excitement that is a BVO Crit - and you want to give it a go - 2 race fee waive ( No Charge ) - but you have to have 1 day Cycling BC coverage / CyclingBC membership / UCI membership - how's this for a horribly long parasentence. Ha ha ha 



brian van oene Criterium No. 6

Tonight June 6th

Good News Everyone !! 

OBRC's first ever Women's Racing will commence tonight. Our 3 races will be as follows .   .   . Please note these start times may change ( be delayed ) as the set up for SLAT on Weddell by Domcor TC is the priority and limiter. Expect to go long tonight. 

This comes with three requests please.

1. Be patient with the process. This is not a Vegas show premiere where we've had months and months of pre-production. 

2. Thank your Traffic Control peoples and your volunteers. Without them Thursdays become binge watching Britney Spears Vegas show " I'm Britney Jean " pre-production whoopla. Ha ha 

3. Chime in with our Command & Control people the dates YOU can help out. 

This week ( tonight ) is university Grad functions - next week High School Grad functions. Next week our BVO Crit No. 7 will require others ( than the stellar amazings to date ) to pitch in.

B Group & Wedge Group : 1735 start

Women's Group : 1815 start

A Group : 1850 start

It's another BIG day for yours truly so I'll have the traveling circus on site as early as possible. Be good humans today and see YOU later.


S.P. Interiors Time Trial No. 6

Tuesday June 4th

photo courtesy of Paolo Candelo of unsplash.com 

Gonna be a 24C furnace blast. 

For the dreaded headwind will be a glorious tailwind. 

We'll have lot's of bottled water.

TT & Crit racing 

We're open to new riders giving it a go, doing the dance. For first timers - you get a 2 race bye from purchasing the $ 20 OBRC membership - BUT you have to have one of the 3 - UCI, CyclingBC or 1 Day CyclingBC registration.  This is mandatory. 

Coaches can ' ride ' with Junior racers in B Group only. UCI or CyclingBC membership ( mandatory ). Not Wedge, Not A. 

Please remember folks we're incurring significant Traffic Control costs, and our racers run only because of some core volunteers. If you haven't volunteered and you're mooching to ride sans OBRC membership - talk to the hand.